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Carbon2Green: Report of the Organization of the United Nations on the Jatropha


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MONTREAL, QUEBEC - Carbon2Green Corporation (TSX VENTURE: CGN) ('Carbon2Green' or the 'Corporation') announces that the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ('FAO') and the International Fund for Agricultural Development ('IFAD') have published a recent report, (, on the possible role of the development of jatropha in reducing poverty. It is undeniable that this report supports the assizes of Carbon2Green's business Plan. The report points out that as the fruit of Jatropha has the property to grow relatively well in arid areas and on degraded soils that are generally unsuited to agriculture, its use for biodiesel production could be a significant advantage for poor farmers in developing countries. The diesel fuel, which currently powers the poor rural families to electricity, could be replaced by a less polluting fuel, by transforming the jatropha's seed in biodiesel. Thus, this substitute would allow the granting of TCER and CER.

The production of biodiesel and the jatropha's contribution to reversing land degradation are not the unique utilities of this fruit, as reported by FAO / IFAD. Indeed, after having undergone a detoxification process, the jatropha's cattle-cake cake can serve especially as a fertilizer and as food for animals. In the words of the FAO and the IFAD, 'the jatropha cultivation could become a highly efficient culture, productive on degraded soils and saline areas subject to low rainfall'.

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