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Cereal Staging Guide


There is a new resource available to help growers and agronomists with staging, which is the crucial task of applying certain products at the correct time.

“Accurate crop staging is essential for products like in-crop urea ammonium nitrate, foliar fungicides and plant growth regulators,” says Sheri Strydhorst, agronomy research scientist, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Barrhead. “Over the 2013 growing season we found that staging is certainly not an easy thing to do.” 

The Cereal Staging Guide is designed to walk growers through staging a cereal crop. 

“It contains photos of what your crop looks like at various critical stages for applying these products,” says Strydhorst. “There are detailed photos of growth stages 33-34, 37-39, 47-49 and growth stage 55. These are some common growth stages for applying these products; however, growers should ensure applications are made according to growth stages described on the manufacturer's product label.”

The booklet shows cereal stages from a field, individual plant, tiller separated and main stem view. 

To receive a copy of the Cereal Staging Guide, call Kelly at 780-674-8268.

Sheri Strydhorst 

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