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Change in the board of directors at Vecoplan AG

Source: Vecoplan AG

Ute Just has been appointed as a member of t he board

The supervisory board of Vecoplan AG has per July 1st, 2011 Mrs. Ute Just appointed as an additional member of the board, in the first instance as an assistant to the board. Ute Just has been the deputy leader for financial, controlling and human resources at Hochtief Software GmbH, thereafter she changed job in 2007 to M.A.X. Automation AG, where she has been the head of the financial department.

Mrs. Irene Scheidweiler stays at the board responsible for sales. Mr. Ulrich Schulte will still be the responsible technology director. Hans W. Boenninghausen, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Vecoplan AG: “I am pleased that with the engagement of Mrs. Just we acquired an expert for the important sectors of financial, human resources and IT. She proofed her expertise in the financial resort of the Vecoplan parent company M.A.X. Automation and for that reason is already familiar with the company. Her knowledge and experience in financial matters will be of high benefit for the economic growth of Vecoplan in Germany and foreign countries”.

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