Charm Sciences ROSA Quantitative Aflatoxin M1 Test Validated by ILVO-T&V Belgium


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Lawrence, MA -- A report validating the Charm MRLAFMQ test for the detection of aflatoxin M1 (AFM1) at the European Maximum Limit (EU ML) of 50 part per trillion (ppt) was issued today by the Belgium National Reference Laboratory, ILVO T&V, under the direction of Dr. Wim Reybroeck. The MRLAFMQ test is the only rapid, 15 minute, lateral flow screening method that is third party verified to detect AFM1 at the EU ML.

In addition to presence and absence results at the EU ML, the Charm MRLAFMQ test can quantify levels of AFM1 to 5 ppt accuracy, with detection as low as 15 ppt level. Use of the test at levels lower than the maximum levels is consistent with the philosophy, As Low as Reasonable Achievable (ALARA ), used by the milk industry in toxin control. The EU ML of 50 ppt is ten times lower and more sensitive than the CODEX determined public health safety limit of 500 ppt.

Aflatoxin M1 (AFM1) is a class 2 rated carcinogen closely controlled and monitored by dairies to prevent detrimental human and animal health consequences. Aflatoxin is a natural toxin produced by molds that can grow in drought stressed crops and poorly stored or dried feeds and grains. Any aflatoxin consumed by dairy animals can pass into the milk supply. Milk screening for aflatoxin is a final verification that grain and feed control programs used for dairy animals are effectively protecting the animals and the milk they produce.

The MRLAFMQ test is the same Rapid One Step Assay (ROSA) platform as the antibiotic detection tests validated worldwide, and can be used side-by-side with the Charm ROSA antibiotic tests to screen incoming milk prior to purchase and unloading.

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