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CJP introduces Biological Inputs to Enhance the Jatropha Energy Farms Profitability


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Learn how can Jatropha become sustainable aviation & transport fuel?
May 29, 2011, Jaipur, India --

CJP scientists are continuously working on enhanced genetics, agronomics and horticulture sciences to drive new varieties, more knowledge around the Jatropha plant’s nutritional requirements and more science-based processes for the care and custody of the plant and have achieved reliable and scalable results in Jatropha energy farming.

Reliance on inorganic fertilizers (with high salt indices), pesticides and irrigation gradually kills the life in the soil and increases dependence on the expensive chemicals which cause the problems. Centre for Jatropha promotion & biodiesel (CJP) adopts natural crop protection and nourishment. The impact of incorporation of the biological Agri-inputs including Vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza,Biopesticides, Organic nutrients based on Protein hydrolysates, during the cultivation on the growth and yield characteristics of the plants, the extent of colonization of the microbes in the soil / root system of the plants were studied.


Mycorhizal associations have been observed with Jatropha and are known to aid the plant’s growth, particularly under phosphate limiting conditions. Biological control techniques have lately been used to control pests and diseases of Jatropha. Bio pesticides are well known to exhibit growth promotion impact on plants. These impacts include establishment of a strong root system, early & enhanced flowering, higher female to male flower ratios & good fruit setting and hence increased yields. As per Research and trials conducted by the CJP’s Scientists, the use of Biotechnological approaches is mandatory to expose the full genetic potential of the plant. It was observed that the root growth stems growth, height, crown width, stem diameter, number of branches per tree and leaf biomass increased significantly. The extent of pest and disease attacks particularly mites was reduced. The early initiation of flowering and fruiting was seen and the ratio of female flowers was increased. The number of flowering bunches per branch and total number of bunches per plant also increased. The number of fruit bunches per branch, and the total number of bunches per tree also increased. The size of fruits and the weight of dried seeds were also increased. These impacts were mainly due to the increase in root size, colonization of roots by mycorrhiza that increased the availability of moisture and nutrients from soil. The balanced nutrition also played an important role. These practices have been used for plantations.


Even a superior genotype variety planted in inadequate soil and improperly cared for, will be unable to reach its potential and will create dissatisfied stakeholders. If the development focus is properly balanced, the species will go through a series of improvements to continually enhance the characteristics. Improvement in yield, reduction in inputs or resistance to pests and diseases is an ongoing process which needs time. We at CJP have developed Crop specific Safe Care Technology with reference to practice of modern techniques coupled with scientific management. This will help getting more yield of better quality resulting into better revenue and profit. Introducing Improved Inputs Technologies may be Instrumental in increasing the ROI of biodiesel crop harvest of up-to +100% .The cutting edge research that completed by CJP research team have resulted in improved profits, crop margins, decreased water and fertilizer and increased the oil content on all oil seed crops.

While talking on the Bio-based Input management for Failsafe Fuel farms, Director Plant Science Mr. R.R.Sharma told “We have developed a truly biologically-based Crop Management System for biodiesel crop on the basis Good Agricultural Practices with access to our own supply chain intellectual property rights (IPR) and exclusive expertise with technological background and experiences in the field for creation Failsafe Fuel Farm which can reduce consumption of fertilizer, pesticides and irrigation to a great extent”

“Emergence of the enhanced Biological input management system may change the entire scenario of the biodiesel industry and shall provide Crop revenues higher, Revitalizes the soil, Improves consistent crop quality, Reduces crop loss and  above all :Reduce your Environmental Foot Print. CJP’S Next JATROPHAWORLD INDIA 2011, the 4th Global Jatropha Hi-tech Integrated Nonfood Biodiesel Farming & Technology Training Programme is set to introduce you the IMPACT OF BIOLOGICAL AGRI-INPUTS ON GROWTH AND YIELDS OF JATROPHA CURCAS” He further added.


JatrophaWorld India 2011 will showcase agricultural advancement to grow the Jatropha and other nonfood oil crops effectively with proper resources i.e. balancing resources to end up with a sustainable long-term solution without harming the environment. The focus of the programme shall remain on three major thrust areas—genetics, agronomics and horticulture practices—so the plant will grow with optimal productivity. While agronomic work is an important first step in the development of any new crop, for new oilseeds to reach commercialization, several other factors need to be addressed. This is a must attend Programme for those investors and project developers who are in process of entering in the emerging market of Biodiesel Business: Breaking through to a Better Business Model


JatrophaWorld India 2011 promises to have something for everyone interested in developing, growing and utilizing nonfood feedstock for the production of biodiesel. Time is winding down and you will want to sign up early as we expect available seats to fill up fast. Don't forget to register for JATROPHAWORLD TRAINING 2011 today

Seats are limited. Secure your seat today.


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