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CJP updates State- of-the- Art Technology for Creating Jojoba Farms


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Jojoba: A Potential Desert Oil Crop

JAN 14, 2013 -- Jojoba is one of the finest cosmetic ingredients in the world. Its excellent inherent emolliency, moisturization and oxidative stability properties rank it as one of the top cosmetic lipid materials, natural or synthetic, in use today. Jojoba is sourced from the seeds of Simmondsia chinensis, which is a woody, evergreen, desert shrub being grown in Desert of India. Jojoba seeds are a dark, reddish-brown color and about 1.0 to 1.5 centimeters long. Jojoba has the distinction of being the domesticated plant successfully in desert of Rajasthan, India. The methods used by jojoba farmers in the past have been varied, as there were no real records of the performance of cultivated plants in existence. Subsequent research, however, has led to a greater understanding of the classic farming requirements for jojoba.

Jojoba has very promising scope for cultivation in the desert even in the relatively hot weather. Its nature withstands the hot weather in summer, warm weather in winter, low fertility of soil and low water resources. It needs less than one quarter the amount of water needed for olives with great ability to withstand the high salt in the soil.

In order to maximize production, it would seem advantageous to plant rooted cuttings from sexed plants which are known high producers or known to have seeds with high oil content. Rooting the cuttings takes a little bit of technical knowhow but it would be worthwhile to have a plantation with 90% to 95% female plants, leaving the 5% or 10% males to produce adequate pollen for all the female flowers.

CJP- the Center For Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel carefully manages Jojoba Plant cultivation, with advanced crop practices suitable to local soil, weather, pest, and disease conditions to ensure the high amount of oil as we have developed enhanced technology with regards to:-

  • Planting materials & other inputs
  • Crop Management
  • Irrigation Management
  • Fertilizer Management
  • Pest & Diseases management.
  • Harvesting Management
  • Post harvest management
  • And finally grading for further process

CJP’s Researchers are working on JOJOBA for a decade or more and have developed standardized techniques for growing Jojoba Plant on large scale. CJP ensures Organic Jojoba plantation right from the land preparation, crop management to production of end product. CJP Jojoba oil Farms are under the vigilant supervision of agronomists, who make sure that the latest and best breed of Jojoba Plant, is being planted. However, we keep a close watch on the research results of Jojoba Plant breeding by studying thousands of Jojoba Plant variants, identifying and collecting the best sources of high-quality. This not only removed the uncertainty from the yield, it also provides multiple harvests within a few months.

 As a result of modern and scientific research we have a new improved JOJOBA Plantation system withJO03Rc™ Identified Elite Class 1 Jojoba Rooted Cuttings. With Scientific advancement CJP has selectively bred certain high yielding jojoba plants and developed its identified high-yielding jojoba Rooted Cutting Plants for creating FAIL SAFE JOJOBA FARM with Standard Package of Practices (SOP) enable JO03Rc ™  Rooted Cutting sapling to enhance productivity to achieve greater yields over the lifetime of the plantation with the right crop inputs and management.

In the recent years Jojoba oil industry has caught the great attention in the global market and, as the world's one of the Jojoba producer, India plays a very important role in it. Thus, it is very important for stakeholders of Jojoba oil industry to continuously and constantly to keep updated on the technology due to its potential in maximizing productivity and achieving further efficiency. CJP holds the Global JOJOBAWORLD 2013 as an important event for global Jojoba stakeholders. This event will provide reliable information on Jojoba, market dynamics, and also with the latest issues in the industry.

The Forming and Managing Supply Chains in Agribusiness learning package helps managers to learn what is required to “hand craft” their own supply chain as a way of improving their Jojoba crop enterprise’s chances of success. The package would be of interest to anyone in the Jojoba crop development process, but is specially targeted at those who are close to the full commercialization stage. Jojoba World India 13 shall Highlights the updated research and technology; Experts will meet to reveal the latest developments in Jojoba research, the newest agricultural, horticultural, harvesting and modification techniques, and tell how the process can be scaled up. It will provide an excellent opportunity to the investors, entrepreneurs, renewable fuel experts, their associates and academia to share their experiences and knowledge on Jojoba. It will give them an excellent opportunity to know more about the latest research and developments in production .The Programme would cover all the topics related to Jojoba Industry with Plantation visit

To know more about JO03Rc™ Identified Elite Class 1 Jojoba Rooted Cuttingsfor Jojoba Failsafe Farm OR for registration to JOJOBAWORLD 2013 mail to


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