Cleanup of fast clad paint


Source: Inland Technology

U.S. Navy paint equipment cleanup using AV-OPS as a substitute for MEK for cleanup of the U.S. Navy`s fast clad paint.

Fast clad paint is an extremely high solids catalyzed marine epoxy used on a majority of the U.S. Navy's ships and submarines. Fast clad is a tenacious, resistant paint with a very short pot life after catalyzation.

Test Location

Test location was building 7003 of submarine base Bangor in Washington State.

Test Procedure

Catalyzed fast clad (grey) was painted onto steel test panels and left to cure for approximately 25 minutes. At this point, the fast clad coating was semi cured and tacky. This approximated the typical condition of the fast clad when being cleaned out of the mixing block, hoses, and paint guns after applying the coating. AV-OPS was tested against MEK using brushes dipped in the liquid being tested. Both MEK and AV-OPS cleaned the test panels effectively; however, the AV-OPS cleaned the semi cured fast clad noticeably faster than MEK did.


Testing needs to be scaled up to involve testing the cleaning of actual paint application equipment that has been used to spray fast clad paint. Testing also needs to involve tests of AV-OPS on elastomers, seals, etc. involved within the painting equipment to confirm no harmful effects. AV-OPS used for this larger scale cleaning process must be recovered, observed for potential density segregation, and/or filtered to determine reusability.

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