Coalition for an Affordable Bay Solution (CABS) Launches Website


MANHEIM, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The Coalition for an Affordable Bay Solution (CABS) announces the launch of its website,, which enables supporters to sign-on in support of its policy and legislative efforts. The website will continuously update its progress and post proposed legislation once introduced.

The founding members of the Coalition represent both Chesapeake Bay and national technology providers and industry participants, and include Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc; JBS, SA; Kreider Farms; and Fair Oaks Farms. The head of the Coalition is Ed Schafer, Bion’s Vice Chairman and former US Secretary of Agriculture and Governor of North Dakota.

CABS supports the creation of a competitively bid nitrogen trading program in Pennsylvania as a potential national model. The program will enable private sector agriculture to solve the excess nutrient issue which the US Environmental Protection Agency now calls the biggest water quality problem in the nation today.

The expensive public sector municipal waste and storm water solutions currently being imposed on states are economically unsustainable and cannot meet EPA mandated reduction targets. CABS seeks legislative policy change that will enable private sector agriculture to provide reductions at up to 80% lower cost than existing public sector solutions. The proposed competitive bidding program will enable all sources (public and private; point and non-point) to participate in solving this national problem in a cost effective and affordable manner.

According to a recent report by the bi-partisan Pennsylvania Legislature, Budget & Finance Committee, a competitively-bid nitrogen program could reduce Pennsylvania’s Chesapeake Bay nutrient compliance cost by as much as 80%, representing a projected mandated compliance savings by 2025 in excess of $1.5B annually.

Kreider Farms, located in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County, has experienced remarkable results after implementation of a livestock waste treatment system, in collaboration with Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc. “In addition to significant cost-saving, the programs CABS supports would provide improvements to our local public health and quality of life, and stimulate economic activity in our communities,” said Ron Kreider, president and CEO and the third-generation family leader of Kreider Farms.

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