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Companion oil Crop cultivation Technology advances the breakeven point for Biodiesel Business


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The couple crop poised to feed the world biodiesel industries

March 9, 2013 -- No single feedstock is likely to solve the supply issues facing the biodiesel industry. We need sustainable, cost-effective and carbon savings feedstocks like Jatropha, Jojoba, Pongamia, castor, Simarouba, neem, Moringa Madhuca  camelina, Brassica Juncea, flax, kenaf, Citrullus Colocynthis , Calophyllum , Kokum etc, . The experts and scientists at Centre for Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel (CJP) have been experimenting different intercropping options, patterns and agro- technologies

 Experience has showed us that using companion planting throughout the landscape is an important part of integrated part of irrigation, wedding, fertilization and pest management. In essence companion planting helps bring a balanced eco-system to your Fuel Farm, allowing nature to do its' job. Nature integrates a diversity of plants, insects, animals, and other organisms into every ecosystem so there is no waste. The death of one organism can create food for another, meaning symbiotic relationships all around. We consider couple oil crop planting to be a holistic concept due to the many intricate levels in which it works with the ecology.

With this approach, whereby different dedicated crops are grown together is intended to enable mixtures of select plants to assist each other in various ways, including with nutrient uptake, pest control and pollination. Scientists at CJP have standardized the technology to establish and grow more than 1 crop in same acreages to enhance and advances breakeven point for Biodiesel Project developers/investors. Ultimately, this synergy is intended to increase crop production. 

The CJP’s tested and tried dedicated oil crops are perennial and annual which are combined according to agro-climatic condition prevailing in the project area after a feasibility study as to which crop can be planted with each other i. e. is a right oil crop that is planted in the right way with other right crop and with due cares to what’s possible in terms of sustainable farming techniques

Nothing drives innovation like need

Emergence of the combination crop system may change the entire scenario of the biodiesel industry

      The twin oil crop in the same acreage of the land

      Both non- food but one can feed

      Both requires low inputs

      Both hardy, drought resistant and pest resistant

      Double the output , from 1 ha 1350 gallon oil can be obtained


By using companion planting, we can discourage harmful pests without losing the beneficial allies. There are many ways you can find to incorporate these useful plants in your Energy Farm

We have released the commercial cultivation of the couple crop   

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