Cone Bottom Tanks For A Bumper Northern Ireland Apple Harvest



The Northern Ireland Newsletter reports that the super-dry September in the area has, not only improved the quality of the apple harvest, but has increased the demand for cider too, providing a double whammy for growers and producers alike.

As is the case across most of the UK’s apple growing regions, the apple crop benefited from a decent July and August and the September spell of warm weather means that more customers are buying cider too, sales of which normally tend to slow down as the summer recedes. The average temperature over September has been 0.8 degrees higher too and not since the mid-1980’s has Northern Ireland experienced such a similar dry spell.

And it’s good news for cider makers from Enduramaxx too as we launch our new and extended range of cone bottom tanks. Made with conical bottoms ranging from 5 to 60 degrees, cider makers will be able to settle and drain sediment from their cider and will be able to store their product safely and securely, thanks to Enduramaxx cone bottom tanks being made from a single piece of rotationally moulded UV-stabilised polyethylene. With a new 30,000 litre capacity tank size, there is a tank to suit all sizes of operation.

Although the South of England is likely to see continuing good weather, the MET Office states that the picture for days ahead in Northern Ireland are set to be a little more mixed, but cider production will continue over the coming weeks as the apple harvest continues.

For more information on Enduramaxx cone bottom tanks and our range of horizontal and vertical storage tanks, get in touch now!

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