Confirmed speakers from 32 countries from all continents


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World Bioenergy is truly a global event. There are confirmed speakers from 32 countries from all continents, and a couple more may be added in the coming days. An example of the many speakers from outside Europe is Abbas Almodares from University of Isfahan in Iran. He will speak about bioethanol production from dried sweet sorghum stalks.

Professor Almodares is an expert on sorghum, a plant that is more tolerant to high temperatures and dry conditions than corn and sugar cane, and therefore can be an alternative feedstock for ethanol production in many areas of the world. By drying the chopped sorghum stalk the feedstock can be stored in open air for a whole year without contamination or sugar reduction. Professor Almodares speaks at the Transport - Fuel Development session on 30 May. At the same session there are also speakers from China, Australia and Colombia.

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