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Conserving the Corn: Tips to keeping crows and others away from your corn


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Corn is great for summer barbecues, but it first has to be protected from crows and others pests before it can be enjoyed. Crows are intelligent birds with sharp beaks and talons, making it possible for them to rip into growing corn stalks, damaging your harvest. Learn how to keep crows away from you corn, whether it’s a seedling or a growing stalk.

Protecting Corn Seedlings

It’s common for crows to dig up corn before the seeds have a chance to grow. It’s important to start corn bird control when planting. Make sure to plant the corn seed at least one and a half inches below the soil to help prevent this. You can also cover them with a wire plant cage until they grow too tall and crows are unable to rip it out of the ground.

Protecting Corn Stalks

There are multiple ways to prevent corn stalks, and It’s important to note that more than one bird control method should be taken to keep crows away.

Scare Tactics

There are a variety of scare tactics that can be used to keep crows away. However, since they are intelligent animals, make sure to rotate the location of each scare tactic every five to seven days. Scare tactics include:

  • Aluminum pans and other shiny objects
  • Colorful streamers
  • Fake predators
  • Noise machines

Bird Repellent

One of the most effective ways to keep crows out of your corn is to use a liquid bird repellent. Liquid bird repellents can safely repel birds away from the area. It’s important to look for a liquid bird repellent that is EPA-registered and safe to use around humans, animals and crops.

Protect Corn with Avian Control

Bird repellent is an effective way to repel crows and other birds away from corn. Avian Control liquid bird repellent spray is EPA-registered, non-lethal and non-toxic. You can be sure it won’t alter the growth, color or taste of the corn.

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