Consumers alliance for Global Prosperity applauds Indonesian government for denying entry to greenpeace warship


The Consumers Alliance for Global Prosperity (CAGP) today applauds Indonesia's government for denying the Greenpeace warship Rainbow Warrior entry into the Port of Jakarta. The vessel - which is used to instigate civil disobedience, undermine the democratic process and advocate anti-growth policies - was attempting to dock in Jakarta to applaud Indonesia and Norway's signing this past May of the Letter of Intent governing the forestry moratorium between the two nations. In addition, Greenpeace was planning to promote further trade restrictions against Indonesia's citizens and businesses while in port.

CAGP Spokesman and Institute for Liberty President Andrew Langer issued the following statement on behalf of CAGP, urging Indonesians to question the motives of those supporting the moratorium, such as Greenpeace and other elitist, Western organizations:

'Indonesia's decision to deny Greenpeace access to her largest seaport was a telling sign that the people of Indonesia have had enough. The pro-poverty scare tactics employed by organizations like Greenpeace threaten the livelihoods of millions of Indonesians. And with 20 percent of Indonesia's population already living in poverty, using media-savvy antics like the Rainbow Warrior steals the chance of a better life away from even more hard-working families.

'The Letter of Intent between Indonesia and Norway, and the forestry moratorium that it outlines, would destroy between 280,000 and 700,000 jobs directly in the short term and condemn more than 10 million people who currently depend on the agricultural industry into poverty. The industries that will be affected most by this ill-advised cooperation currently make up almost five percent of Indonesia's gross domestic product.

'Economic growth around the world has lifted hundreds of millions of men and women out of poverty, provided jobs, income and hope and has the potential to do the same in Southeastern Asia. CAGP demands that Greenpeace and other elitist, European organizations stop promoting their anti-prosperity agenda in the developing world, and instead begin making the human choice – the moral choice - for the benefit of the world's poor.'

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The Consumers Alliance for Global Prosperity (CAGP) educates and activates concerned citizens in response to costly collaboration between environmentalists, protectionist industries, big labor unions and retail companies. CAGP is an action-oriented alliance of advocacy groups that promotes economic growth and pro-consumer policies across the world.

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