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Continuing Education Workshops at Aquaculture 2019


Source: World Aquaculture Society

Commercial Aquaponics Workshop

Global demand for high quality proteins and vegetables has made aquaponics a viable option. With increased interest in these growing methods, it is difficult to find information and courses that are provided by proven commercial instructors. The U.S. Aquaculture Society, Auburn University and commercial producers have teamed up to host a full-day event.

Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) Workshop

BAP standards are scientific, rigorous, always evolving and encompass the entire aquaculture production chain, including farms, processing plants, hatcheries and feed mills. The U.S. Aquaculture Society has teamed up with experts from GAA and BAP for a full-day workshop of BAP principals and key elements of responsible aquaculture, including environmental responsibility, social responsibility, food safety, animal welfare, traceability and more.

Water Quality Workshop

Regardless of the type of aquaculture system, good water quality is essential for efficient production. The U.S. Aquaculture Society has arranged for Dr. Claude Boyd of Auburn University and Dr. Chris Good of The Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute to bring you a great workshop on the basics of water chemistry and the practical aspects of pond and RAS water quality.

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