Creep Feed Research and Vertical and Horizontal Storage Tanks



According to the Farmers Guardian, new research indicates that feeding high protein creep to suckled calves improves growth rates. However, Rumenco’s David Thornton states that adjusting the margins and varying the formulation of the creep can improve formulations and therefore its end results.

The creep feed used throughout the study comprised rolled barley, sugar beet feed, molasses and minerals, with CP levels adjusted through increasing the quality of the protein supplement. Parameters measured in the study included; calf weight, cow live-weight and body condition at the beginning and end of the trial. Trial results indicated excellent overall calf growth rates. Calves fed 12 per cent CP creep achieved a 200-day weight gain of 51 per cent, something that exceeds a commonly referred to performance benchmark for producers.

So promising results for leveraging good growth rates for calves. Another saving that farmers can leverage is through storing the various components of the creep in adequate storage tanks that protect it from spillage and wastage. Enduramaxx provides farmers with a range of liquid fertiliser tanks. Vertical storage tanks and horizontal tanks made from ribbed, single piece, uv-stabilised polyethylene allows farmers to store feed, including molasses, in bulk, ready to use and protected from the elements for when required.

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