CSIRO and the bioeconomy at AusBiotech 2008

“As Australia’s leading science agency, CSIRO will have significant input on a number of topics and scientists from across the organisation will be there to talk about the issues,” Professor Alastair Robertson, CSIRO Deputy Chief Executive for Science Strategy and Investment said.

Professor Robertson is a plenary speaker and will talk on the topic the CSIRO view of opportunities for Australia in the bioeconomy.

Professor Robertson said that other senior CSIRO people involved are Mr Cameron Begley, CSIRO Entomology who will chair the Bioeconomy session; Dr Michael Fenech, Food Science Australia who will speak in the Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods session and Dr Allan Green, CSIRO Plant Industry who will speak in the Bioeconomy session.

CSIRO will also feature in the BioIndustry Exhibition which will provide an opportunity for its scientists to network with other organisations and discuss the organisation’s bioeconomy related research.

The sustainable use of biomass is becoming increasingly important as the world deals with the challenges of security of food, water and energy supply, the need to reduce emissions and an unsustainable use of resources.

Bioeconomy is an all embracing term that covers the sustainable production and conversion of biomass such as waste from sugarcane, forestry, canola and wheat, to a range of food, health, fibre and industrial products and energy.

AusBiotech is the premier biotechnology conference for the Asia Pacific region and will be attended by delegates from the global biotechnology industry. It will bring together leading scientists and representatives in key biotechnology industries and research areas.

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