Defra Announces New Rules Which Include Wastewater Processing



New rules to tackle water pollution announced by Defra this week could mean savings of £500 per farm business each year. Defra’s new consultation aims to improve the negative impact of water pollution with 11 new rules which combine proposals for improved management of livestock, soil and fertiliser sectors. The document states that field manure storage must be at last 10 metres away from any watercourse, another that livestock producers are required to use a feed planning system to match the nutrient content of diets to livestock feeding requirements in order to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus levels in their waste.

A spokesperson for Defra told FG Insight that the organisation is already working with farmers and supporting them through agri-environment schemes to cut pollution by separating clean and dirty water, fencing off streams and roofing over silage and manure stores. Enduramaxx produces a range of cone bottom tanks that are designed especially to help farmers to process their wastewater. Dirty water is moved to dedicated conical tanks whereby impurities ranging from sludge, to sediment, to metals and other debris sinks to the bottom of the tanks where it can be drained away for correct disposal.

The consultation asks for views and comments on the proposals by 24 November this year, including which basic rules should apply and how they should be implemented. Those wishing to learn more about processing wastewater and the range of Enduramaxx cone bottom tanks should get in touch now. 

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