Defra Sings Praises of Cover Crops – Vertical Strorage Tanks For All Farming Applications



Defra has recently been hailing the many merits of cover crops as part of a long-term approach to farming success, according to Farmers Weekly. Cover crops deliver a range of soil and environmental benefits and they fit in well with spring cropping. Experts are advising that cover crops should in fact be viewed as part of an integrated management strategy to help with various faming challenges. The reasons for this are that cover crops both protect and improve when used between cropping periods. They improve soil characteristics, either through deep or shallow rooting, and they also play a significant role in erosion management, holding soil in place, such as on a slope or exposed site.

Other advantages of cover crops include prevention of nutrient depletion, with research demonstrating that nitrate leaching can be halved by implementing the right cover crops. Weed management is another motive and also, cover crops can be implemented as a soil sterilant or biofumigant. In addition, it is reported that there are fertility-building benefits from cover crop mixes containing legumes. And finally, most cover crop choices augment soil organic matter.

Like most crops, cover crops require adequate watering and fertiliser management. Enduramaxx helps farmers across the United Kingdom to store valuable commodities, from liquid fertiliser to rainwater, to molasses, chemicals, biodiesel and much more. We provide a dedicated tank for all applications including; plastic water tanks, vertical storage tanks, cone bottom tanks, horizontal tanks, conical tanks and more.

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