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DNAble for Salmonella is NPIP Certified


Source: EnviroLogix Inc.

 EnviroLogix Inc. is pleased to announce that its groundbreaking DNAble assay for Salmonella has been granted approval status by the National Poultry Improvement Program (NPIP) enabling rapid, pathogen detection in all aspects of primary poultry production.

EnviroLogix’ patent-pending DNAble platform uses groundbreaking chemistry to deliver rapid, accurate, and precise molecular detection compared to more traditional test methods such as PCR and culture. 

“DNAble's proprietary isothermal technology is a real game-changer. It eliminates the time-consuming thermocycling step of traditional PCR systems, while providing performance comparable to NPIP approved Salmonella culture and identification procedures.” explains Kyle Donovan, Business Unit Manager for Food and Feed Safety. “One-step enrichment, enabled by extremely robust chemistry, isolates and amplifies Salmonella bacteria in very crude samples without additional purification steps. This directly translates to a significant cost and time savings for the end user.” 

“Partnering with customers to provide the best diagnostic assays for the industry is our goal,” continues Chris Southerland, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “DNAble for Salmonella promises to become an essential tool for poultry producers looking to maintain a high standard of quality assurance at every level of their operation.”

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