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Don`t miss a chance to book your stand at AgroLogistics Uzbekistan 2015


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International Trade Exhibition company ITE Uzbekistan and its partner I.T.E. Exhibitions & Conferences Ltd. (United Kingdom) are glad to invite Your company to participate in AgroLogistics Uzbekistan 2015

The exhibition covers every segment of the fresh produce business, features players from all the world's markets, and offers a complete overview of the market for all products and services at every level. It's an unparalleled opportunity to contact decision-makers for the most important target groups, and showcases the latest innovations in the sector.

Products on show include fresh, unprocessed fruit and vegetables, dried fruit, nuts, herbs and spices, organic products and self-service flowers and potted plants. Suppliers of products and services for packaging, storage, transport, warehousing and product presentation also exhibit their offerings.

The whole spectrum of the fresh fruit and vegetable sector

  • Uzbekistan is a self sufficient is production of agricultural product and food security is fully provided
  • Favorable climatic conditions for all types of agricultural products
  • More than 300 sunny days in a year
  • The temperature in the hottest days ranges from 35 °C up to 45 °C
  • Possibility of getting 2-3 crops per year
  • The agricultural lands 20,5 million ha including 4,3 million ha of the irrigated land
  • There is a large potential export of agricultural products.

Dynamics of fruits and vegetables production and processing

  • Fruits and vegetables production in 2013 – 18 million tones
  • During last 3 years the volume of export of the agricultural products has increased 3 times
  • For the last 6 years volume of processing has increased by 5 times

For the period of 2011-2014 intensive gardens were crated on the area of 14 thousand ha

In 2013 the total area under up-to-date and energy-efficient greenhouses was 7,5 thousand ha

In 2011-2013 created 202 new cold storages with the total capacity of 145 thousand tones

72 cold storages with the total capacity of  46,5 thousand tones were modernized.

Uzbek breeders created more than 170 varieties of vegetables, melons and potatoes, as well as 175 new varieties of fruits and berries and grapes. Currently in the country annually produces about 16 million tons of fruits and vegetables

Today, Uzbekistan exports fruits and vegetables worth about $ 5 billion, and for the last three years agricultural exports grew by more than 3 times.

Uzbekistan export more than 180 species of fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products in 80 countries. Export volumes of apricots, plums, grapes, nuts, cabbage and some other fruits and vegetables Uzbekistan surely among the world's top ten suppliers of these products.

At this year completed the construction and complete reconstruction of the 274 modern refrigeration chambers and storage of fruits and vegetables, totaling more than 190,000 tons. Created about 400 enterprises with foreign direct investment from 50 countries, such as Germany, Holland, Austria, USA, Switzerland, China, South Korea, Italy, Spain and others.

In 2015, provides for the implementation of an additional 265 investment projects for the handling and processing of fruit and vegetable raw materials totaling approximately $ 150 million.

For information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact the organisers office.

Don't miss a chance to book your stand at AgroLogistics Uzbekistan 2015

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