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Dürr targets profitable growth of 5 to 10% p.a.

After the difficult year 2009, Dürr is looking ahead to the future again, and aims to grow sales by 5 to 10% in each of the coming three years. The profitable growth is to be driven above all by the company’s strong position in high demand markets such as China, India, and Brazil. “We increased our order intake in China by 62% in 2009, and the positive trend there was sustained without break in the first quarter of 2010. We will continue to expand in the emerging markets because the  automobile industry is further increasing its production capacities there,” CEO Ralf Dieter commented when presenting the results for 2009. In order to grow profitably, Dürr is also adhering to its innovation course and is pressing ahead with the expansion of new areas of business.

Dürr sees opportunities for instance in the areas of glueing, precision cleaning and turbocharger balancing technology. In all three business areas the machinery and plant engineering group has strengthened its existing competences with the acquisition of smallish technology companies. As a result, capital expenditure rose by 10% to € 27 million in 2009. Dürr also increased its R&D spending slightly to € 26 million. “We did not scale back our product innovation during the crisis because we want to enter the market recovery phase with new technologies. We will be keeping our R&D budget at a high level,” Dürr’s CEO Dieter commented. Energy recovery systems are currently a focus in the company’s product development. Dürr is expanding these activities as there is growing demand for energy-efficient manufacturing technology.

The Group held up well on the whole in 2009. Although sales revenues were down 33%, operating profit amounted to € 24.8 million. This was due to timely cost reduction measures. Selling and general administrative expenses were reduced by 7.4% to € 171 million and personnel expenses by 10.8% to € 336 million. The financial result improved strongly by € 8.5 million to € -17.9 million. Earnings after tax came to € -25.7 million. This was also due to special tax effects. It will therefore be proposed to the annual general meeting on April 30 not to pay a dividend.

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