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Electric Buses and Taxis Poised for Huge Gain: 870% Growth Projected Through 2022


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FARMINGTON, Conn., June 26, 2012 /PR Newswire/ --

It is a popular myth that electric vehicles are a losing venture, but the reality is that electric vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers have been profitable for over a century. Now, with the market for electric buses and taxis poised to explode over 870% in the next decade, having accurate market data and analysis will be essential to companies seeking to compete on the global stage. With premium market research from the world's leading publishers, Global Information Inc. helps businesses stay on the cutting edge with the best forecasts, research, and analyses.

Electric Vehicle Industry Profitability 2012 - Where, Why, What Next

In a first-of-its-kind market research report, IDTechEx establishes 'Rules of the Marketplace' guidance and uses them to judge a wide array of electric vehicle (EV) market participants to explain how to create success. This Electric Buses and Taxis market forecast analyses the finances and positioning of EV suppliers and component manufacturers, encompassing both hybrid and pure electric vehicles for land, water and air, which have demonstrated increasing overlap in parts, suppliers, and success or failure lessons over recent years. This report assesses profitability of companies making electric vehicles and their components, how industry rules can predict winners and losers, and acquisition opportunities and investment targets.

Contrary to popular mythology, the electric vehicles industry has been turning out big profits for over 110 years. Indeed, there are many companies profitably participating in the business of electric vehicle manufacture and supply. As with any volatile market, there are also frequent bankruptcies within the market: the primary difference between success and failure lies in market positioning and building for future supply while avoiding areas of oversupply. For example, the leaders in pure electric indoor forklifts have demonstrated strong profitability following a shakeout 15 years ago, and now that outdoor hybrid forklifts are a new growth sector other companies are fighting for the lead there, rather than competing in already-saturated markets. Profit V curves, technological roadmaps, experience curves, the Boston matrix and other tools give clarity about what comes next.

An Executive Summary of this analysis and a free sample of the full report are available at

Electric Buses and Taxis 2012-2022

In another world's first, IDTechEx offers the first-ever report forecasting the global market for electric buses and taxis, including hybrid and pure electric vehicles. China, the most important country for electric mass transport, is forecast independently, while the report also examines current and future technologies with a blunt assessments of failures and threats for the future. The market for electric buses and taxis will rise 870% from 2012 to 2022, approaching $60 billion shortly thereafter. Many buses will be designed exclusively for this market, while some will share power train designs with electric trucks as well. Electric taxis will largely consist of regular cars with modest adaptations.

This report explores the transition from 'the decade of the hybrid' to 'the decade of pure electric'.

An Executive Summary of this analysis and a free sample of the full report are available at

Electric Vehicle Traction Batteries 2012-2022

The rapidly growing market for electric vehicle traction batteries will exceed $55 billion in only ten years, according to new research from IDTechEx

Vehicle manufacturers are often employing new battery technology first in their forklifts or e-bikes, not cars, but huge progress has been made with car batteries as well. Indeed, oversupply is probable in this sector in the foreseeable future. The mix is changing too: the second largest volume of electric vehicles made in 2010 was mobility aids for the disabled, but in ten years time that market will be outpaced by hybrid cars.

In this new report, IDTechEx analyzes the successes, needs, statistics and market potential for traction batteries across all major applications. This report considers the entire market because traction battery manufacturers sell horizontally across many applications, and electric vehicle manufacturers increasingly design versions of their products for multiple applications. Indeed, smarter putative suppliers choose sectors that best leverage their strengths, rather than join the herd and be obliterated by corporations of up to $100 billion in size enjoying prodigious government support.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure 2012-2022

IDTechEx's new Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure market research report examines various speeds and styles of charging methods, including contactless charging, battery swapping and energy harvesting technology. The report offers forecasts for 2012-2022 of charging station numbers, unit value and total value, segmented by charging speed and territory. It also looks beyond automotive charging: electric land, water and air vehicles are considered, both hybrid and pure electric. The impact of alternatives such as gas turbine and fuel cell charging is also considered.

An Executive Summary of this analysis and a free sample of the full report are available at

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