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Eriez launch ProGrade Grate Magnets


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Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd announces the launch of the new and high quality ProGradeTM range. The line includes Grate Magnets available in XtremeTM Rare Earth magnetic strength, ideal for application in all processing industries. All ProGrade products are available for immediate despatch to meet the ever increasing demands of customers.

The ProGrade Square, Rectangular and Round Permanent Magnetic Grates are designed to remove ferrous contamination in hoppers, chutes, floor openings and other areas where free flowing materials are present. They are of a sanitary construction which makes them ideal for the food industry and other processing applications.

The ProGrade Easy to Clean Grate in Housing is also available. Consisting of two rows of staggered magnets, it is designed to enable operators to quickly remove accumulated fine iron contamination and clean the magnets. All of the Grates in the ProGrade range are manufactured to the highest quality with a glass bead surface finish and stainless steel construction.

Another new ProGrade product is the Eriez Ceramic Permanent Magnetic Hoppagrid. The Hoppagrid Magnet is a simple yet effective low strength device for removing tramp iron from free-flowing granular or powdered materials. It is predominantly used in the plastics industry to stop damage to equipment resulting from ferrous metal contamination like nails, nuts, bolts and screws.

Paul Fears, Managing Director at Eriez Europe commented, “We [Eriez] always try to respond to the needs of our customers. The ProGrade range is our latest initiative to achieve this goal by supplying standard size products at very competitive prices and offering immediate despatch. We have also not only maintained, but improved the quality and finish. The benefits for our customers are clear for all to see.”

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