EU Pesticide Legislation Could Cost UK Farming £905 Million



Proposed European pesticide legislation could cost UK industry in excess of £905 million, according to Farmers Guardian. The legislation aims to tighten up pesticide regulations and the definition of endocrine distributors and could end up costing the UK agricultural sector hegely. A report commissioned by AHDB assessed the financial impact of the loss of crop protection active substances that could be defined as ED’s under the new European hazard-based approach.

A consultation period to assess how to regulate chemicals in the environment and their ability to affect the endocrine system recently opened and is set to run until January 19th. According to AHDB chairman, Peter Kendall, the ability of farmers and growers to seize their share of growing market opportunities depends on having the right tools to become the most efficient and sustainable food producers they can.

A recent report from farm consultants, Andersons, commissioned by the Crop Protection Society, the NFU and the Agricultural Industries Confederation, showed that 40 substances at high risk of being lost would mean up to 50 per cent falls in yield, depending on the crop. Therefore, UK farming income would drop by £1.7bn, a 36 per cent fall in overall profits.

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