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Farm Hand Category 1 Quick Hitch Introduction


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From the Category 1 video:

Hey, thanks for joining us here at LeeAgra today. We wanted to introduce a new product to you that we’re pretty excited about. It’s called our Farm Hand Hitch. I’m gonna very briefly describe the features of our Farm Hand and what exactly comes with a Farm Hand so that you’ll know what you’re getting and what you may need to purchase as optional equipment.

First and foremost this is a category 1 hitch on the implement side. The uniqueness of it though and why we’ve deemed it the Farm Hand is it’s adaptability. This is a category 2 hitch on the outside, hook-up pins here, or a category 1 hitch as it’s connected to this tractor. So that allows this a hitch to be adapted to either a category 2 tractor or a category 1 tractor to pick-up category 1 implements. You’ll see it’s the standard features that a quick hitch has, it has latches to release the pins.

Some of the things that we’ve added to this hitch that we’re very excited about and we think you’re gonna be very excited about is we’ve added a receiver tube here so you can add a hay spear that we’ll talk about later or a ball mount that we’ll talk about later. We’ve also added receiver tubes here on the bottom so you can do the same thing down there. Those are additional features that you can buy optional equipment for to make the Farm Hand very adaptable. We’ve also added chain hooks on both ends of this hitch so that you can use a lashing chain or a lifting chain to make this hitch really versatile to be able to pick-up and move all kinds of things around your place.

So what you get with this hitch is two bushings, one that will adapt to category 1 to category 2 and then one bushing that will adapt to category 2 to category 3 so that if you‘re picking up category 1 implements you have the bushings there to make those pins fit nice and securely. Same thing here on the top hook which by the way is very adjustable. You can see the range that this top hook can travel through so that it’s adaptable to a wide array of top pin positions on category 1 equipment.

We have two bushings there, once again to adapt to from category 1 to 2 and category 2 to 3 and then we also send along a category 1 bushing to adapt to category 2. So that if you put this on a category 2 tractor you’re gonna have larger pins out here for the larger size eye in the category 2 lift arms. But you’re also gonna need a bushing to adapt to your category 2 top link that’s gonna be a larger pin diameter then you have on this category 1.

So thanks for looking at the Farm Hand and join us again for more of the optional features that can go along with hitch.

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