Farmers Seen Cutting Fertiliser Use – Liquid Fertiliser Tanks To Bulk Buy



Although this is a US story, it makes for interesting reading for all farmers who use liquid fertiliser. Farming UK detailed this week how US farmers have been seen to be cutting back on fertiliser usage as crop prices slide. So far throughout autumn, it’s been one way of clawing back costs in response to crop prices dropping to multi-year lows and a delayed harvest.

Ten of twelve US farm retail companies surveyed by Reuters reported that fertilizer sales over autumn were lower than last year’s figures. So how can farmers protect themselves from fluctuations in fertiliser prices? Through bulk-buying and through adequate storage! Available in capacities up to 30,000 litres, Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser tanks store huge volumes of liquid fertilizer safely and in optimum conditions.

Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser tanks are very rugged vertical storage tanks. Like other Enduramaxx tanks, including our water tanks, rainwater tanks and other horizontal tanks and vertical tanks, our liquid fertiliser tanks are made from a single piece of rotationally moulder, UV-stabilised polyethylene. Liquid fertiliser will be kept in prime condition, stored safely in bulk, regardless of any price fluctuations.

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