Farmers Urged to Check Soil – Liquid Fertiliser Tanks



Farmers and growers were advised to check their soil, according to the Darlington and Stockton Times, to check their soil phosphate and Potash levels.  A decline in levels has been reported due to the decline in use of the two treatments that have fallen by an estimated 40 per cent as a direct result of rising prices in 2008.

Many farmers have been reported to have taken phosphate and potash ‘holidays’, feeling they could afford to miss a year or two.  However, the resulting losses in soil quality can result in much lower crop yields.  For instance, if phosphate levels drop below two, crop yields drop, in particular oilseed rape and the same applies to potash.

The prices of liquid fertilizer have also fluctuated over recent years and farmers would make great savings through bulk buying and storing large volumes of mixed fertiliser.  Enduramaxx provides a dedicated range of liquid fertiliser tanks with volumes up to 30,000 litres.  The tanks are made from very robust rotationally-moulded polyethylene which is also UV-stabilised.

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