Farming and Election Manifestos Not Just About Water



With farmers contemplating the most suitable party to vote for in the coming general election, it’s not only policies on fertiliser and pesticides and water abstraction and water supplies that are at the forefront of many farmer’s decision making. The NFU has analysed the manifestos of the top 5 parliamentary parties in relation to a number of key farming issues.

The aspects that the NFU has compared across all 5 parties and whether they have accounted for them within their manifestos comprise:

  • Comprehensive plan to grow UK food production
  • Fiscal incentives incl. profit averaging
  • Promote Britain is Great Campaign
  • Accelerate rollout of rural broadband
  • Pledge to science-based decision making
  • UK voice in EU on GMO’s
  • Implement full TB strategy
  • Support/expansion of GCA
  • More COO labeling incl. dairy
  • Food and farming information in curriculum
  • Waste initiatives throughout supply chain
  • Fly-tipping initiatives
  • Red Tape/regulation reducing

The results for each party can be seen here.

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