Farming Grant Assistance from the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution



We’re always keeping our eyes open for grant funding for agricultural industries to help fund plastic water tanks, fertiliser tanks and other vertical and horizontal water tanks so that we can pass on the good news to our customers. However, this week’s Farmers Weekly writes about the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Fund (RABI), a superb charity for farmers that has been around since 1860 and provides help to those in financial difficulty in farming.

Last year, RABI distributed some £1.9m in grants and almost £300,000 went to working farmers. The charity can help farmers with the costs associated with coping with a sick child in hospital, paying domestic utility bills, it provides food vouchers and hampers, it covers paying for farm staff if you’re sick or injured, it helps with buying white goods, the purchase of disability equipment, help with claiming state benefits, arranging free debt advice, organising business appraisals and it also provides grants for vocational training. So a really useful array of services for farmers in need and we should all support RABI whenever possible!

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