Farming with LED Grow Lights using COB technology


Food farmers around the world are learning that LED Grow Lights are the answer to many challenges that growing indoors present. And using the right light removes issues that they have experienced in the past. LED Grow Lights are focused light fixtures that mimic the growth characteristics of the sun. Cheap alternatives can offer only a few of the wavelengths but highly advanced lights can offer the full spectral output needed for high yields.

The purpose of this article is to make you aware of these technology advancements. Many companies sell medium and even poor quality versions but Veggie Fresh LED, one of the country’s leading indoor horticultural firms has solved this problem.

The most important part of the design is the selection of what colors the LED Grow Light will emit. There is now enough data and accurate tests that this can be deciphered in the lab with pinpoint accuracy. All plants obviously grow under sunlight but certain wavelengths can alter and increase photosynthetic activity. So by using these specific targeted wavelengths plants can grow quickly and with amazing yields.

So first, wavelength selection is critical, 2nd is using the correct LED chip or diode made by reputable manufacturers and 3rd is how you build the Grow Light. For VeggieFresh LED the answer is by placing LED chips inside special housing that is called a COB or chips on board.

COB LED Grow Lights

This is a way of creating a strong emission of a targeted spectral output which is accelerated with specially designed reflector cups. The reflector harnesses this power and makes sure it’s emission is focused and mixed properly. The reflector cup does this by crisscrossing the light giving even saturation.

COBs in the light can even be designed specifically for certain plants. Basil for instance requires strong red light and small amounts of blue light and with these specific wavelengths in proportion, can greatly increase taste, size quality and production of antioxidants. All food can grow with LED Grow Lights and America’s best known organic grocery store has recently spent several hundred million dollars building a state of the art facility in Chicago. Their location has an amazing 70,000 lights – one of the largest installations in the world done with LED.

Many cannabis growers have known this secret for years and now have expanded into large medicinal and recreational facilities in California, Colorado, Washington State, Alaska and Oregon. Another important factor is cost savings, LEDs cost a little more to start with but last much longer, 50,000 hours and can decrease electrical consumption dramatically making ROI more efficient.

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