Fertile Minds – Technology Key to Future of UK Farming



At a high profile conference this week, Defra minister, Lord De Mauley, stated that young farmers’ grasp of new technology is the key to the future of farming in the UK. According to The Westmorland Gazette, 150 farm entrepreneurs from around the country attended the Fertile Minds event at Penrith where they heard the natural environmental minister tell them their ability to innovate was a vital part of British farming, in order for it to maintain its competitiveness.

De Mauley stated that technology will play a vital role in helping the next generation farm the land and he went on to detail how one of the Agri-Tech funded projects developed a tractor-mounted scanner to enable farmers to decide the precise amounts of fertiliser needed for their crops. An ever-important commodity on farms, storage methods for fertiliser are also a very important aspect of farming.

Enduramaxx provides a full range of horizontal tanks and vertical storage tanks to UK farming, with large volume tanks geared especially toward storing pre-mixed fertilizer, saving on mixing time and allowing for bulk buying savings. Enduramaxx tanks are very hard-wearing, being constructed using a single piece of rotationally-moulded polyethylene, keeping all liquids safe and protected from the elements.


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