Fertiliser Calibration and Product Choice – Liquid Fertiliser Tanks



Farming UK recently examined how the correct set-up and calibration of spreaders can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of fertiliser applications.  Correctly calibrated spreaders ensure the uniform application to grassland and maximum benefit from application.  However, according to Rob Foxall, manager of spreader testing company, SCS, calibration is not just about getting your machine in good working order.  It is also about matching the set-up to the type of fertiliser being used.  Differences in size, weight and shape of the fertiliser will affect how it travels through the air.  Also, strength is an important factor to consider, as weak granules break up and don’t have the velocity to make the full width of the spread.

The same applies for liquid fertiliser sprayers.  Calibration of sprayers will make for better, more efficient application.  Farmers can also ensure that they are getting the best return on their liquid fertiliser investment by bulk-buying and storing pre-mixed liquid fertiliser in dedicated liquid fertiliser tanks.  Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser tanks are vertical storage tanks that keep liquid fertilizer safe and secure, protected from the elements.  That’s thanks to the rugged, ribbed, singe pieced of rotationally moulder, uv-stabilised polyethylene.


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