Fertiliser Helps Grower Claim Record Wheat Yield



Peterborough, UK. -- A Peterborough-based fertiliser tank supplier is reinforcing the importance of storing large volumes of fertiliser correctly in order to benefit from bulk-buying savings and to reduce wastage. As a Northumberland grower attributes his claimed world record wheat yield to fertiliser.

Northumberland farmer, Rod Smith, claims to have achieved a world record wheat yield of 16.52t/ha and attributes his achievement to his usage of fertiliser. The winning technique combined 310kg/ha of nitrogen, based on a target crop yield of 17t/ha, soil testing and previous cropping. The crop also received four fungicide and growth regulator sprays.

Often considered as one of agricultures greatest consumable expenses, fertiliser is a commodity that is subject to large price fluctuations and its correct management and application is imperative in relation to crop yields and therefore, returns on its investment.

The application of fertiliser is a subject fiercely studied and debated, with new and varying application styles and approaches frequently forming the topic of many an item across the farming and agricultural press and media.

As well as optimised application techniques, margins can also be improved through the bulk buying and correct storage or fertilisers, including liquid fertilisers. Enduramaxx supplies farmers with a broad array of vertical and horizontal storage tanks and its dedicated fertiliser tanks are available in sizes as large as 30,000 litres. Made using a single piece of UV-stabilised polyethylene, fertiliser is stored in a protective environment, avoiding spoilage and wastage as well as reducing the risk of spillage, thanks for the rugged, ribbed design.

Farmers and growers wishing to learn more about storing fertiliser should visit www.enduramaxx.co.uk.

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