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We hear mixed reports of fertiliser prices as of late, as Farming Life reports that fertilizer prices are set to stay pretty much the same. According to Yara business manager for Ireland, Nicholas Morrison, there is not a real difference between fertiliser prices year on year and in value terms, both CAN and NPK products are the same now as they were twelve months ago.

However, referring to another more recent article in Farming Life, EU Agriculture Commissioner, Phil Hogan, has written to Alexander Italianer of the Competition directorate expressing concerns that fertiliser prices have not dropped in line with recent falls on international oil markets.  With oil prices having fallen by as much as 46 per cent in recent months, no comparable trends impacting EU and international fertiliser markets have been identified.

Enduramaxx liquid fertilser tanks are one way in which farmers can leverage savings and maintain stability across their expendable overheads.  Liquid fertiliser tanks enable farmers to buy and store huge volumes of pre-mixed liquid fertiliser.

Enduramaxx also supplies farmers with a range of atv sprayers, boom sprayers and skid sprayers, along with a broad offering of plastic water tanks, including; rainwater tanks, potable water tanks and WRAS approved drinking water tanks.

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