Fertiliser Storage Tanks – Fertiliser Optimisation This Growing Season



As farmers focus on the growing season, an East Yorkshire farm machinery importer recently publicly shared its knowledge of precision farming methods with Rt. Hon Michael Jack CBE at an open day at Stockbridge Technology Centre, Selby. The former MP was shown how a specially-adapted tractor that features a unique seed drill allows farmers to place seeds with extreme accuracy.

Also this week, we learn how a Milton Ernest-based farmer is boosting sprayer output by some 25 per cent using a bowser. Looking to improve time lines and boost productivity with spraying, the farm created a bowser using a 5,000 litre spray pack taken from a self-propelled sprayer. With a crop area of 2,400 hectares, the farm is managed in two large blocks covering an eight-mile area. The farm is now enjoying fertiliser spraying results of up to 1,200 hours each season.

Efficiency in farming is everything and reaping savings from all consumables is paramount. Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser tanks allow farmers to bulk-buy large volumes of liquid fertilizer and to store them indefinitely and safely, thanks to Enduramaxx tanks being made form a very rugged single piece of UV stabilised polyethylene.

Enduramaxx also provides farmers with horizontal and vertical storage tanks for all liquids and chemicals used in agriculture. To find the right storage tank for your requirements, get in touch to speak to a member of our team now!

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