First MELOFEED® technical meetings : all you always wanted to know about oxidative stress!


Source: Lallemand Animal Nutrition

Blagnac, France -- In 2012, Lallemand Animal Nutrition was launching MELOFEED®*, an innovative and unique antioxidant solution based on a concentrated melon juice naturally rich in SOD (antioxidant enzyme: superoxyde dismutase). At the same time, the company entered eponymous three-year collaborative research project with INRA and Bionov, the company who discovered this original melon variety (non GMO) and produces MELOFEED® in the South of France. Today, two years later, the advancement of the MELOFEED project (already three communications at international meetings and several trials on-going), together with important market feed-backs, have prompted us to organizes technical symposiums dedicated to antioxidants.

These meetings had both educative and commercial aims. After an update on oxidative stress thanks to renowned experts such as Dr J. Pincemail and Dr P-H Pitel, and presentation of melon SOD benefits in human by B. Lemaire from Bionov, we shared the latest trial results with MELOFEED®. This was the opportunity to question preconceptions about antioxidants and better understand an issue which is both complex and universal.

This event was first organized in London at the end of September, where about 20 countries were represented, then in Rennes, France, on November 25th for the French market. These thought-provoking events were rich in information and allowed to demonstrate the benefits of MELOFEED® to alleviate the effects of high oxidative stress that is linked to certain key steps of animal production cycles, but also and above all to convince the market about the diversity of antioxidant pathways and the importance of going for global antioxidant strategies associating different types of antioxidants.

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