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Fish Farm Diseases Preventable With Chemical-Free UV Treatment


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Today, BBC News unearthed an account where a company in Scotland lost around 125,000 salmon due to an outbreak of the bacterium Pasturella Skyensis.

With high concentrations of salmon living in each cage at farms and hatcheries, diseases and bacteria, like Pasturella Skyensis, spread quickly and can have disastrous effects on the site and to the business as a whole.


Pasturella Skyensis in particular was only recently discovered in 2002 and, with no vaccine currently available, it is causing serious concerns throughout the Aquaculture industry.  The good news, as reported by national government bodies around the world, is that UV is an effective disinfection against this particular parasite.

No known micro-organism is immune to UV treatment, it is non-selective in the inactivation of all water borne bacteria, pathogens, viruses and micro-organisms without changing the PH and temperature in the water.


Market pressures have led to a demand for more wholesome, chemical and antibiotic free products.   The use of atg UV Technology in fish farms, mussel farms, aquariums and hatcheries has led to the production of healthier and larger fish, improved water quality, possible increases in stock density and vastly reduces the risk of disease.

atg UV Technology’s disinfection systems are chemical free, automatic and cannot be overdosed. This ensures the maintenance of the physical characteristics of the water, such as PH levels and temperature, whilst avoiding the introduction of harmful toxins, such as chlorine into the environment.

Key Features of UV technology in Aquaculture

  • Chemical free solution, which does not increase the toxicity of the treated water.
  • Tested & approved for aquaculture & fish farming
  • Protects against all major fish viruses & diseases
  • High UV doses – 80 mJ/cm2 to 600 mJ/cm2
  • Single pass treatment or recirculation designs
  • Skid mounted installation available
  • Ultra compact and lightweight design
  • 10 m3/hr to 5,000 m3/hr single unit flow capacity


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