Ford delivers 150th FFV Car in UK


Source: RNCOS

Ford motor company has shown that it’s concerned towards improving the global environment. The company has delivered its 150th FFV (Flexible Fuel Vehicle).

Paul Temple, vice president, is using this new vehicle, which can run on bio-ethanol derived from crops grown in UK like wheat & sugar beet. In the company’s press release published on December 20, 2006, Ford’s sustainability director in Europe, Andy Taylor said, “Winning the farmers’ backing in our campaign for further recognition of bioethanol as a renewable transport fuel is an important step. Ford was first into this market last year with the FFV Focus, followed by the FFV C-MAX. We look forward to working with more farmers and others in the agricultural sector to drive forward bioethanol motoring.”

London’s Imperial College has conducted research which puts emissions from Ford FFV at 99.6g/km. In the UK, there are more than one million hectares of arable land that can be used to grow bio-fuel crops in the country without causing any effect on food production. Bio-ethanol processing plants are being constructed in Norfolk where sugar beet is being used to produce it, and Somerset where wheat is used to obtain the fuel. Currently, around 13 Morrisons fourcourts sell bio-ethanol as an E85 mix (i.e. the blend of 85% bio-ethanol and 15% petrol). At present, there are E85 pumps in Somerset, Suffolk, Norfolk, Derbyshire, South Wales, and Northants.

Expressing her views on the Bio-fuel industry in UK RNCOS said, “Agriculture can surely play a crucial role in combating climatic changes both in UK and throughout the world via the production of bio-fuel. Since, this renewable and eco-friendly fuel helps in dramatically reducing the CO2 emissions. I believe the initiative taken by Ford in this regard is truly commendable.”

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