Flottweg SE

From liquid manure to recyclable material

Source: Flottweg SE

The compact plant MoRoPlant20 separates liquid manure into solid matter and process water in an energy-saving way before storage.

2019-10-28 - Hannover -- The MoRoPlant20 treatment system separates liquid manure into solids and process water. The energy-saving compact unit is located in a swap-body container and can be deployed across company boundaries. Special additives consisting of betonite and starch are added before the separation process. The processing then takes place in a compact container system made by Flottweg SE. Through the combination of additives and high-performance separation technology, the MoRoPlant20 achieves a high solids dry substance discharge. Another special feature is the high separation efficiency of phosphate: up to 99 percent phosphate content is bound in the solid material. For nitrogen, the separation rates are over 60 percent (dairy cattle manure) and over 40 percent (fattening pig manure) respectively. The German Agricultural Society (DLG) has confirmed the high separation efficiency with the 'DLG recognized' test seal in gold.