Frontier forest science for carbon solutions

Under the agreement, a software model referred to as CABALA, which can be used to model forest growth over time, has been licensed to CO2 Australia to assist it in the design and management of tree plantings for use in large greenhouse gas abatement projects.

Based on inputs like rainfall, temperature, and data on the particular tree species of interest, CABALA can estimate the amount of carbon sequestration that takes place in tree plantings.

CSIRO’s Dr Michael Battaglia, Leader for CSIRO's Sustaining Australia's Forest Ecosystem Resources Research Theme said: “Woody vegetation has an important role in helping address environmental issues in Australia and CSIRO continues to work to improve a range of existing CSIRO prediction tools relating to such vegetation for the benefit of government, industry and the community.”

“Science has an important role to play in helping industry make effective business decisions and our science is generating information that helps emerging industries utilise the benefits forests can offer to society and the environment,” Dr Battaglia said.

Mr Andrew Grant, Managing Director of CO2 Australia, said CABALA and the science behind it had been critical in providing the company with the technical tools necessary to develop large-scale carbon sink projects and capitalise on emerging carbon trading opportunities.

“Strategic investment into collaborative projects with organisations like the CSIRO, as well as into our own internal R&D program, ensures that we keep up to date with the latest developments in carbon accounting science,” Mr Grant said.

CO2 Australia plants trees solely for carbon sequestration and carbon trading purposes.  They have established plantings in cleared agricultural areas on behalf of a range of corporate and government clients.

“Our projects are generating value for industry and the public by creating environmentally friendly and verifiable greenhouse gas abatement solutions,” Mr Grant said.

As part of broader engagement activities between the CSIRO and CO2 Australia, information would continue to be exchanged on the latest scientific developments in tree growth and carbon sequestration modelling and opportunities to apply science outcomes to greenhouse abatement projects.

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