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GEMI and IFTF Launch new “Map of Future Forces Affecting Sustainability”

Washington, DC – Today, the Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI) launched a new tool, Map of Future Forces Affecting Sustainability, prepared for the GEMI Senior Advisory Council (SAC) by the Institute for the Future (IFTF).

“GEMI is very pleased to announce the release of the IFTF-GEMI Map of Future Forces Affecting Sustainability,” said GEMI’s Senior Advisory Council Chair, Jack Kace, who is also Vice President, Environmental & Safety Affairs, Roche. “This custom Map of the future is a unique effort to forecast the external factors that will impact business sustainability over the period 2007-2017. It was prepared by IFTF, an independent nonprofit think tank located in Silicon Valley, CA. IFTF has a 40-year track record of successful forecasting and is one of the few research organizations ever to outlive its own forecasts,” Kace continued.

“The overall goal of the Map is to provide GEMI with an outside-in view of external future forces that are likely to affect business sustainability, with a focus on environmental, health and safety (EHS),” said Bob Johansen, Distinguished Fellow, IFTF. “At IFTF, we emphasize Foresight to Insight to Action© as a basic framework for applying our work to strategy in practical ways. The purpose of forecasting is not to predict the future but to make better decisions in the present,” added Johansen.

“The Map was designed by IFTF to help GEMI companies develop their own perspective of a future being shaped increasingly by external forces linked to the concept of sustainable development,” said GEMI’s Chair and Strategy Futures Work Group Co-Chair, Bob Accarino, Director of Environmental Affairs, Abbott. He added, “The Map has been designed to include elements that some may view as controversial, but recognize the objective of this effort is to provoke thoughtful discussions that will help companies shape their business strategies in light of a more sustainability-driven future.”

“The visual side of the Map organizes IFTF’s research in technology, environment, health and sustainability in a matrix format. And, the other side of the Map contains a text summary of the forecast structured around the seven impact areas that can be used as a narrative partner to the Map,” said GEMI’s Strategic Futures Work Group Co-Chair, Carl Wirdak, Director, Environmental Affairs, Occidental Petroleum.

Kace added, “With the help of IFTF, GEMI has developed supplemental tools to assist its members use of the Map, including an annotated slide presentation, as well as 45-minute instructional video that walks the user through each of the driving forces and impact areas.”

“This tool will support GEMI member companies, and others, in navigating the world of EHS and business sustainability and creating business value through sustainable innovation,” Kace concluded.

Additional information about GEMI may be obtained on GEMI’s web site at The Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI) is a non-profit organization of 37 leading companies dedicated to fostering global environmental, health and safety excellence and corporate citizenship.

GEMI members include: 3M; Abbott; Anheuser-Busch Companies Inc.; Bristol-Myers Squibb Company; BNSF Railway Company; Cadbury Schweppes PLC; Cargill, Inc.; Carnival Corporation & PLC; The Coca-Cola Company; ConAgra Foods; The Dow Chemical Company; Duke Energy; DuPont; Eastman Kodak Company; Ecolab, Inc.; Eli Lilly and Company; FedEx; Johnson & Johnson; Johnson Controls, Inc.; JohnsonDiversey, Inc.; Koch Industries, Inc.; Kraft Foods Inc.; Merck & Company, Inc.; Motorola, Inc.; Novartis Corporation; Occidental Petroleum Corporation; Owens Corning; Perdue Farms, Inc.; Pfizer Inc; The Procter & Gamble Company; Roche; Schering-Plough Corporation; The Scotts Company; Smithfield Foods, Inc.; Southern Company; Vulcan Materials Company; and, Wyeth.

More information about IFTF may be found on its web site at The Institute for the Future (IFTF) is an independent, nonprofit research group with nearly 40 years of forecasting experience.

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