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General Mills Announces Plans to Reduce Emissions from Agriculture


Source: American Soybean Association.

Food company General Mills announced this week that it would reduce its supply chain emissions to a target level by August 2015, and cited agriculture as the primary source of those emissions. The company said agriculture emissions “are the single largest source of emissions in our value chain. For this reason, we intend to focus our efforts on achieving agriculture emissions reductions and will include suppliers in the action plan.”

In their announcement, General Mills cited a need to “limit the global mean temperature rise… in order to avoid permanently altering the atmosphere and negatively impacting the environmental, social and economic systems that sustain us – both today and in the future.” The company included several specific actions it will take, including: strengthening and expansion of Field to Market, sustainable sourcing, a water stewardship strategy, investment in plant breeding and technical assistance for farmers, and participation in efforts such as the Carbon Disclosure Project. The full announcement and list of planned actions can be viewedhere

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