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Some of the Genesys team and their partners enjoyed a fabulous weekend away this April in Porto, Portugal.

Porto is famous for its port wine, bridges and churches and for inspiring JK Rowling to write her Harry Potter books. Our group of 26 spotted a group of students dressed like Hogwarts pupils and wondered at the Hogwarts-like floating staircase in the Lello & Irmão bookstore and some Whomping Willows in the Foz do Douro park.

We stayed in the beautiful theatre-themed Hotel Teatro and visited the world famous Ramos Pinto wine cellars in Gaia, just across the river Douro. We clocked up around 25,000 steps each per day, making up for the plentiful food and wine!

Many thanks to Ursula Annunziata for organising a fantastic trip.

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