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Geo-thermal Heating Projects


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Verbakel-Bomkas is aware that the availability of fossile fuels is finite. The use of available natural resources contributes to the development of green businesses. Geo-thermal heat offers many possibilities for horticulture.

Geo-thermal heat originates from depths of 500 meter or deeper and comes from earth's core. The heat is useful for heating in both residential as in several industrial applications. In order to retrieve the geo-thermal heat the groundwater must pumped from more than 500 meters deep. Once the heat has been retrieved the water is returned towards earth's core to be heated again. A heat pump is a device that moves heat from the 'source' at a lower temperature to another 'location' at a higher temperature using mechanical work or a high-temperature heat source.

The heat pump can provide the greenhouse with heat and hot water. Besides that the heat pump can also create cold water, with which cooling can improve the growing conditions for a growing variety of crops.

Verbakel-Bomkas has a growing experience in connecting horticultural climate installations based on geo-thermal heat. After the successful connection of a tomato grower in Arizona, USA the next project is scheduled to be completed in the Netherlands for Gebr. Duijvestijn in Pijnacker.

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