Gisele Bundchen launches a global mobilization to support the forests


NEW YORK -- Gisele Bündchen, on a recent visit to the Amazon, called attention to the vital role the forests play in our lives. Along with the United Nations Programme for the Environment (UNEP), the model shot an exclusive video warning the need to take urgent action to protect the health of the planet through forest preservation. This message of awareness was captured in the wilderness of the Amazon, a region in Latin America that serves as habitat for a wide variety of species. The video was released today, World Amazon Day, on Gisele’s YouTube channel.

Forests Challenge

To spread the word, Gisele launched the FORESTS CHALLENGE: an Internet-based contest with the goal of exposing this important video to as many people as possible via Twitter and Facebook. Today, September 5th, Gisele will use her Official Account on Twitter and her Official Fanpage on Facebook to launch the special contest. Those who re-tweet the #forestschallenge tweet and click “Like” on the post referring to the video will be part of the contest drawing for a copy of the Vogue Brazil Jul/2011 issues autographed by Gisele – a historical edition that raised awareness about the concern for the environment. Two magazines will be awarded to those who participate via Twitter, and another two for those who participate via Facebook by clicking “Like” on the post.

Gisele: Goodwill Ambassador of UNEP

Gisele, who always had the environment as one of her passions, saw the need to take action in order to protect our planet after she had visited an Indian tribe in the Xingu River basin in Brazil and witnessed the problems faced by the local population due to water pollution and deforestation. Since then, her activism hasn’t stopped. For years she’s been supporting environmental causes and, in 2009, her efforts were recognized by the United Nations that named her as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Programme for the Environment (UNEP).

2011: International Year of Forests

UN declared 2011 as the International Year of Forests in order to raise awareness about the sustainable management, conservation and development of all types of forests – ecosystems with the largest biodiversity on earth, being home to more than half of animals and plants. In addition to playing an important role in combating climate change, forests also provide shelter and safety for the populations who depend directly on them.

Every human being needs forests to survive. The problem is that, even with all the ecological, economic and social benefits forests provide us, we are still destroying them at an alarming rate. We need to take urgent action to protect them. Visit and to learn more about it.

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