Global Harmonization of Plant Protection


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For several decades, growers and processors demand a level playing field in plant protection so that their produce finds open markets. Their expenses for crop protection need to be recuperated after harvest.
Register today to attend Crops & Chemicals USA, held July 24-26, 2017 in Raleigh, NC and attend our one day workshop on Global Harmonization of Plant Protection, led by Imme Gerke, Global Regulatory Strategist, IDRG.  This workshop explains what changes are needed from growers, suppliers and regulators to create a sustainable, harmonized and profitable industry.

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Crops & Chemicals USA brings together 250+ experts to discuss, debate and challenge the latest biological and chemical advances within formulation, regulation and product commercialization.
The 2017 agenda covers three critical industry topics designed to accelerate the development of your plant protection programs and plant growth products:

    Increase crop yields, apply horticultural best practices and enhance nutrient use efficiencies.
    Develop an effective IPM program to control targeted pests while protecting crop yields.
    Enhance the bioavailability and delivery of your active ingredient while remaining EPA-compliant.

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