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Global Moringa Meet 2016: Two days with Moringa. An Actionable Experience


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4th Global Moringa Meet 2016(GMM 16) is a high impact 2 days international workshop

4th Global Moringa Meet 2016(GMM 16)  is a high impact 2 days international workshop taking palace on 24-25 Sep 2016 at Jaipur, India  for growth-minded Moringa entrepreneurs that will feature brief, but impactful keynotes from leading scientists and experts.

Come to 4th Global Moringa Meet 2016(GMM 16) : the  hard-hitting Two day event, presented by ABC, to connect with fellow Scientists and Experts, ignite new ideas and be inspired by Moringa Field Visit. Every session will challenge you to implement the right technology in right way to revolutionize the way you do business. 

At GMM 16 you will discover what it takes to build a Failsafe Moringa Farm, get tips on redefining your Moringa Venture, hear strategies on how to compete with giants, learn how to ignite change in your Moringa Business and so much more!

High lightly the main agenda of the Moringa Meet DP Maharshi, President, Moringa India said 'Get your seat confirmed to hear from the Top Moringa Scientists and learn how you can do in proper way to ensure Sustained success and a road map. Learn what Moringa Developers need to know on creating, managing, insulating, and planning forward

You’ll enrich your outlook with the help of our renowned scientists, and leading researchers.

Hear about what you need to implement in your Moringa business now to ensure it thrives in the future, including emerging technologies and management imperatives, and about inSepative ways to utilize 100% Moringa for enhanced ROI.'

A highly productive training programme the GMM 16 is dedicated to showcasing showcases Genetics, Agronomics and Horticulture advancement in Moringa Farming. As an attendee of the GMM 16 you shall have the opportunity to enrich your understanding of the current trends linking Moringa Science with Farming and Technology.

To attend an international programme is an eye opener, it builds confidence, and it inspires one to further create failsafe moringa business with complete know how to face and manage challenges

Just imagine, by simply attending this action-packed 2-day session, you will be handed the tools to re-think, re-align and transform your moringa project outlook for commercial success.

To know A-Z about Moringa and new business horizons, 4thGLOBAL MORINGA MEET 2016 is a must attend Programme

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Dp Maharshi

President, Moringa India

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