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Going Green on Halloween: be earth-friendly all year-round


When it comes to the festive Halloween and harvest seasons, don't be 'ghoulish,' be smart. Go green to save money and help make every day Earth Day. Even though the weather is turning colder and furnaces are heating up in many places around the country, there are still plenty of ways for families to be mindful of resources and consumption in the colder months ahead.

Sources show that millions of people in more than 175 countries celebrate Earth Day annually. 'While this kind of awareness is great, we all can make a difference year-round,' said Kelly M. Semrau, Vice President, Global Public Affairs and Communication at SC Johnson. 'There are simple ways to go green together and make it a family affair. Getting kids involved early teaches great habits, helps save money and makes it a family project. It's exciting when kids know they are making a difference, not only for the Earth, but right at home too.'

Start conserving and saving today. Here are some helpful tips from SC Johnson:

Use electricity - but wisely. If you are going to use electricity to 'spook-out' your house, conserve energy by putting your decorations on a timer to ensure you're not 'tricked' when the bill arrives. Check with your local electric company for tips to reduce your bill this holiday season.

A pumpkin eater is an Earth feeder. When pumpkin season is over, compost the remains - shell and all. Pumpkin seeds alone are a strong source of nutrients including zinc, iron and phosphorus that are great for the soil.

Remember reuse, reduce and recycle. Reusable bags are both cost-efficient and functional. They can be used season after season. Pack away scary skeletons or that favorite princess party costume in Ziploc Brand Big Bags for Halloween. These bags are also perfect for collecting candy. Keep Halloween 'Hallogreen' by using natural, recyclable materials for children's costumes, and using fallen leaves to create pumpkins and creative scarecrows to welcome trick-or-treaters.

Reuse costume material to create fun throw pillows that add a touch of the unexpected. Recycle outgrown costumes by donating them to shelters or wardrobe departments at local schools and community theaters.

Layer up and turn down. To save money, consider using a programmable thermostat to control the temperature whether you're at work or at home. A 1 degree reduction on the thermostat equals a 3 percent savings on your electric bill, which can really add up over the course of a year! It also reduces energy consumption and reduces the release of greenhouse gases. As the temperature outside continues to dip even lower, instead of turning up the heat, throw an extra blanket on your bed or layer up with a cozy sweater.

It's not scary being green. Conservation International's Team Earth web site provides a great selection of easy, quick and simple tips that will help make your home a greener place to live all year-round. For more information visit SC Johnson's Team Earth tips at http://www.scjohnson.com/en/commitment/doing-your-part/team-earth-tips.aspx or go to www.teamearth.com.

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