Grant Deadline and a Farm-in-a-Box



With water shortages in farming across the globe a real issue, a US company called Farm Freight has launched ‘Farm-in-a-box’. It’s a freight-truck-sized container with all of the necessary equipment and storage required to grow produce. The theory behind demand for such a product relates to climate change and the strains on water and food supplies throughout the world. By enabling smaller producers through a system which uses up to 90 per cent less water, the modular design of Farm-in-a-box allows it to be placed anywhere that has electricity and water, thus making use of brownfields spaces and making urban farming more attainable.

Also this week, we learn that Defra’s farm water and woodland grant scheme is coming to an end, so applications need to be made soon. The scheme offers capital grants of up to £10,000 to farmers who carry out work to improve water management, and this might include grants encapsulating rainwater harvesting tanks and other plastic water tanks.

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