Great success of Pieralisi Group at Expoliva


Source: Pieralisi Group

Marvelous turnout at Expoliva, the worldwide reference point exhibition of the olive oil sector held from 6th to 9th May in Jaen, Spain.

According to the last estimates, more than fifty thousand people visited this edition of Expoliva with a stop at Pieralisi Group’s booth that, in a 400 square meters surface, exhibited different types of machineries. Among the innovations, the following equipment were presented: the Protereactor, the unique technology in the worldwide market that allows the reduction of the kneading times; the new SPI 888 Decanter that enables to achieve excellent results with a very high production capacity; the Integral Separator Saturno that guarantees an always clean oil without the addition of water for the entire campaign; the kernel separator with cylindrical rotating grid Sansone that guarantees the separation of the kernel from the husk coming from a two-phase, three-phase and multiphase process and Leopard Decanter, the only centrifugal extractor able to obtain two reusable by-products, like pâté that can be used for animal feeding, human consumption, energy and cosmetic sector.

The President of Pieralisi Group, Gennaro Pieralisi, was at Expoliva together with the General Directors of the headquarters in Italy, Spain and other subsidiaries, as well other general managers and agents coming from all over the world.

“Business expectations correspond to harvest forecasts, so we have to wait till June to see how the situation will be” states Gennaro Pieralisi, pointing out the importance of Expoliva as a meeting place with customers where it is also possible to show the group’s innovations.

After a year of reduction of the investments due to the fall in price, it seems that many cooperatives and mills have restarted the process of renovating the equipment. The proof is that during Expoliva more than ten millions euros deals related to the technological improvements were closed.

Two very interesting conferences, organized by Pieralisi Group, were held on 7th May during the exhibition with two Italian experts, Maurizio Servili and Michele Balzano as rapporteurs and presented by Gennaro Pieralisi. Both of them have exposed the results of their last research on the opportunity to extend the range of the products extracted from olives during the process, like pâté.

The result of the expo was very positive for Pieralisi Group. The booth was visited by many customers coming from all the olive oil producer countries like Brazil, France, Greece, Portugal, North Africa, Mexico, United States (California) and of course Italy and Spain. Everybody was intrigued by the numerous exposed machines and by the new applications that Pieralisi Group continues to provide to the sector, facilitating the millers work and improving the quality of extra virgin olive oil.

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